Welcome to Ron Jordan Online Services. It's filled with examples of how I can help you have a major market sound on a small market budget. Customized local newscasts, voicetracks, image liners, commercial production, and produced promos, Ron Jordan Online Services is your one-stop Internet shopping headquarters.


All services are $100 per month a la carte. Bundles are available depending on your needs at $100/month for the first service and $50/month for each additional service. Product can be delivered via e-mail, FTP, and in some cases placed directly on your on-air hard drive. Click on each item to hear an example which will open in a seperate tab or window.

NEWS Anchored hourly newscasts five days a week in morning and afternoon drive. The newscasts feature information from your area and are personalized with your call letters and image lines.

PROMOS Five fully produced promos per week selling your news image, upcoming events, or whatever you choose.

VOICE TRACKS Perfect for when your air talent is ill or on vacation. These localized breaks have energy and sound live.

SPECIAL FEATURE Computer tips, tricks, DIY repair, and cutting edge tech news. Running a total of 90 seconds, each program includes a 30 second PSA, which you can easily replace with a local sponsor.


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